The Gathering of Civic
Anti-war and Humanitarian
Initiatives in Berlin
December 3—4, 2022
The Gathering of Civic Anti-war and Humanitarian Initiatives
in Berlin

December 3—4, 2022
The Antiwar Initiatives Congress is a gathering of anti-war and humanitarian initiatives, whose participants are ready to form a pan-European community — a platform.

A community will allow to unite efforts to jointly resist war and dictatorship, as well as to build a dialogue between the civil society of Russians and the political institutions of the Eastern Partnership and the European Union.

The purpose of the congress

is to organize the cooperation of initiatives, to increase their effectiveness and visibility and to advocate together for the return of Russia to the path of democratic development and good neighborly relations based on the principles of international law.

who participate in congress

Representatives of antiwar civil initiatives, non-profit organizations, political movements and foundations, as well as media, cultural, educational and economic activists, whose efforts are also aimed at a speedy end to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and overcoming the consequences of the war and the Kremlin regime will be invited to the Congress.

The Congress will be open for constructive interaction and filled with working and discussion formats. The program will be based on practical requests for initiatives and will be curated by the representatives of the communities themselves.
preliminary program
supplemented and updated
saturday, 3 December
12:00Opening of the Congress

12:30 — First panel discussion
"What we can do together? Prospects for Uniting the Anti-War Movement"

14:00 — Lunch

15:00 — Network-session. Establishing contacts

16:00Thematic working sessions:
  • Promotion of the position and interests of democratically minded citizens of Russia in the EU and other international institutions
  • Ukrainian Refugees Support
  • Resistance networks: how to get out of the box and find new followers?
  • Adaptation of Russians in exile

17:30 — Coffee-break

18:00Thematic working sessions:
  • Resource support for anti-war and humanitarian initiatives
  • Human rights organizations and initiatives
  • How can independent media help the anti-war movement?
  • Academic education

19:30 — Summary of the first day
sunday, 4 december
10:00Opening of the day
10:30 — Second panel discussion
"The identity of Russians"

11:30 — Coffee-break

12:00Thematic working sessions:
  • Cooperation between networks of democratic Russians
  • Evacuation and legalization of Russians
  • Civic Education
  • Culture and Art

13:30 — Summary of the sessions
14:00 — Lunch

15:00Discussion of the foundation of a civic platform for anti-war and humanitarian initiatives

17:00 — Coffee-break

17:30 — Results of the discussion of the civic platform of anti-war and humanitarian initiatives

18:30Final discussion. Summary of the Congress

initiatives and organizations

that will take part in the Congress

List on editorial

conditions of participation
Applications are no longer considered.